Taking a Look at Family Trees

Since the time ancient genealogy has been recorded and passed down throughout history, it seems that it may have been passed down by word of mouth from one generation to another or included in storytelling. Once paper and pen became available, the family lineage was written down for safekeeping. Sense then various cultures traces their origins in different ways based on their characteristics and traditions.

For instance, the Native Americans trace their origins much differently than do the ancient Greeks. The ancient Greeks believed they were descendants of the Gods. Family lineage became increasingly important during the medieval times, since the inheritance of title and land was very significant.

There are different forms and formats of family trees. You should use the best family linage format for you and your purposes. For instance, many individuals can easily follow a descendents chart, which names the patriarch and matriarch at the top and then will branch downward showing the family descendents. An ancestry chart starts at the bottom and then branches upwards and outwards including more ancestors. However, family charts may also branch from the left side and branch out to the right.

lude your information. You can even generate your family linage online.

Professional family tree makers can customize your family history tree for a fee with any names, date and photographs you may have to include. You may even want to have all the fun and do it yourself. Family bonds are strengthened while doing genealogical research. You might want to create your family linage by hand or by using a computer. You can then have your family history tree framed for display if you like.

5 Tips To Attain A Successful Family Life

The family is the micro unit of the larger society. Success in family life is critical to success in the society. As a result, the pursuit of success in family life is something we all should be anxiously engaged in.

Those working to build their own families through marriage spend an awful lot of time, energy and money preparing for their wedding instead of preparing for the marriage. It is more troubling because while busying about their wedding, they think and feel that they are preparing for their marriage. These are two different things. A wonderful wedding do not contribute anything at all to a great marriage which is the only road to a successful family life. For those who are not yet married, efforts in preparing for marriage would pay more dividends if it is employed in learning the purpose, principles and practices of marriage according to the author of the marriage and family life, God the Creator.

There are five key tips that can support your effort in attaining a successful family life namely:

· A firm foundation

· Commitment

· Teamwork

· Respect

· Forgiveness

A Firm Foundation

Just like physical structures such as buildings need a foundation that is firmly established to stand the test of time, windstorms, rains and other natural vicissitudes, a family need a firm foundation to be able to stand and grow and provide the platform for people to attain a successful family life.

For some families, this could be a philosophy they came together and formed and decided to live on as their guiding light. For others, it is religion. For some families, it may be a book. However, from my own experience and with some people I have been acquainted with, the Judeo-Christian Bible and some other scriptures used by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints are where they draw the ideology that cements firmly on the ground their family foundation.

spect is so critical in a marriage relationship that I strongly recommend that if people in a dating relationship could not respect each other totally, that relationship should be cut at the point of realization of disrespect from any of the partners. It is challenging to maintain a state of mind of mutual respect. However, if your desire is to attain a successful family life, you need to learn to respect your spouse and this respect should be mutual.


Forgiving those who wrong you is more relieving than the most powerful pain relieving drug on earth. In our efforts and attempts to build a family which involves marriage – a fusion of two different people – think about what happens during the scientific process of fusion – leading to the bringing into the scheme other lives. The process uses heat and also produces heat in the form of arguments, offences and quarrels. All these are necessary challenges of building the most important purpose of the life on earth – a family life. We offend one another – our spouses and children and parents – during this process.